Fast, Easy & Cheap Websites Have A Downside!

If you’re like so many entrepreneurs & small business owners, you probably built your own website using one of the many DIY platforms available, but have no website maintenance systems or alarms in place to monitor its performance.

Having so many backend moving parts in coding that make websites do all they do, without proper website maintenance and monitoring in place, things can go crazy … and fast!

Downtime is the dreaded enemy of any website. If your business has a website, even if you operate your business offline for the most part, that website was built for a reason. That reason likely has to do with growing your sales and generating profit as a combined effort between your traditional advertising initiatives, digital and social media marketing.

When your website goes down, every minute it stays down equates to profits your business is losing. No matter if it’s your blog generating revenue from pay-per-click ads / content OR if you’re a E-commerce online store. If visitors can’t get to your site, you’re losing money or, at the very least, the opportunity to make it from a new visitor.

Timing Is Everything

Without even realizing it, your website could be down or significantly underperforming due to a fairly basic coding glitch. Another cause that happens often are many of the fancy plug-ins integrated into your site that are outdated. The unfortunate ripple effect could be a dreaded “404 ERROR” to your website visitor or, even worse, they go to your site but it just isn’t loading. Let’s be honest, that makes for one very unhappy visitor!

Think about the last time you went to a website and you left because it wouldn’t load fast enough or is just down, period! You immediately write that site off and move on.

By not being aware or notified of a problem to your site, you are giving your competition room to close in on prospects and/or customers you’ve worked so hard to acquire. And we all know you didn’t go into business to be a lead-generator for your competition.

Website Maintenance & Monitoring Is Not Automatic

Let’s clarify one thing quick. When you build your own website on one of the many platforms above and hit “Publish”, your site is not automatically assigned to nerd who is now watching every aspect of its performance. Their job is to give you the tools and they host it. That’s it. The rest is your responsibility.

Nobody Is Immune – Even Us!

Truth be told, had it not been for our own website maintenance & monitoring, we wouldn’t have known that several of our backend plugins needed critical updates. Yes, this even happens to a digital marketing firm proving that no online entity it immune!

Long story short, these issues caused our website to go from loading in 2.4 seconds and a Bounce Rate of less than 2%, to taking over 10 seconds to load on a mobile device and just under a 90% Bounce Rate!

NOTE: desktop – not shown because in our panic we forgot to take a screenshot of the speed audit.

Now, that may sound like no big deal, but in today’s digital landscape, one second might as well be infinity.

Every Second Counts – Literally!

More than 80 percent of website visitors expect a page to load in less than 3 seconds. About 40 percent of website visitors will leave a web page that takes more than 3 seconds to load and nearly 80 percent of those who have trouble with the performance of a website won’t come back to that site in the future. A mere 1 second delay in the load time of a website page can result in a 7 percent loss in conversions.

So after getting the updates implemented in our site, we continued to run tests as each plugin update was performed. Working fast, as we do, we e had it all running fast again and our Bounce Rate back down to single-digit within 4-5 hours.








As we gladly use our own experience as an example, it is critical to make sure you have active website monitoring in place. This will alleviate any potential threat to your online presence and business.

Just Because You Can, Doesn’t Mean You Should

Sure, the Do-It-Yourself website builder platforms are easy to use and inexpensive to deploy your newest online creation with tons of added features for E-commerce, subscription-based membership portals, menus, social media content preview, animations etc.

Mind you, getting a website, done right, is only half of what you need. Kinda like buying shoes. You never walk out with just one. 

It’s Not IF But When

Now, truth be told, there are but only a few certainties in this world; Taxes, death, unsolicited opinions & website problems. And when it comes to website problems, the question is not “IF” but “When”.

If you aren’t protecting your online investment by implementing website maintenance and monitoring, you are leaving the digital anchor of your brand to the wolves. Please don’t do that. We beg you.

Okay, Now What, Right?

If you’re now scratching your head saying, “CRAP! I don’t have any monitoring in place at all!”, don’t worry. Tech Crew is here! Just give us a shout at

We will help ensure your website is always running at its best so you can run your company at your best.