If you’re familiar with Wendy’s Twitter social media content, you know the sarcastic comebacks they dish out to consumer taunts and competitor headlines can be ruthless. Now, IHop is up to bat and Wendy’s is making an epic run of jabs to the PR campaign that is all the talk across news and financial headlines!

Today, the long-standing burger brand that put to shame the frozen patty juggernaut, McDonald’s, with their, “Where’s The Beef?” campaign, has IHop, or as they are now called, IHob, in their digital crosshairs.

As IHop announced a mysterious name change of “IHob”, they teased everyone delaying the meaning behind the new letter. Though being known as a 24/7 breakfast diner, most assumed the letter change stood for “breakfast”.

Well, all were surprised to know it had nothing to do with anything breakfast related, and everything to do about a new series of burgers IHob is adding to the menu. (sorry, this is just tough to say!)


As fans and beloved followers of the pancake mogul realized the name change had a different meaning, they quickly showed their concern and opinion thinking IHob was moving away from it’s Rootie Tootie Fresh ‘N Fruity flapjack heritage.

Wendy’s Throws A Jab At The Pancake Royalty!

But it wasn’t until a consumer retweeted and tagged Wendy’s, “so Wendy’s u just gonna let IHob sell burgers on your block? thought you were the og?”, did the savage wit begin with a ruthless throat punch to the pancake burger-maker! “Not really afraid of the burgers from a place that decided burgers were too hard.”

We can only assume Dave Thomas would be proud of the snarky narrative from his red-headed, freckled-faced, daughter Wendy, the face of the franchise!


As humor has it, it didn’t take long before Texas-based burger chain, Whataburger, jumped into the ring of joke-jabs and threw a knuckle ball of sarcasm to the newly proclaimed burger barn!

Hats Off To Wendy’s Social Media Team!

All of us here at TechCrew Media are huge fans of disruptors of the norm and those that make a concerted effort to stand out from the crowd!

Whether it’s leading-edge website design and development, distinct branding, outrageously creative PR campaigns like that of IHob (yeah, still not rolling well with us), to truly balls-out tactics of leaving corporate-stiff standards to the wayside in social media marketing, we are like mosquitos to the flame!

We don’t know who is at the helm of the Wendy’s social media content, but whoever they are … YOU, THEY … take the cake; or in this case, the burger!

Clearly they were not the victims of participation trophies, because they show up every day to win with the intent of leaving no survivors on the battlefield of witty personality in their strategy!

Not Every Brand Can Be Like Wendy’s

Now, not every brand can or should take the approach that Wendy’s has, using such a bold approach to their social content narrative.

I mean, let’s be honest, you’d never think to associate witty sarcasm to that of a food chain, unless it’s founder was Larry David or David Letterman, and it work to their favor creating such a fan base!

But hey, Wendy’s has never been shy of calling out their competitors boldly and proudly ever since their “Where’s The Beef?” campaign took the media by storm back in the 80’s!