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The ride-sharing company, Lyft, has announced that they are offering free rides for cancer patients in more U.S cities.

Lyft has been offering this free service for just over a year exclusively in Miami and Las Vegas. Now they are expanding to more major U.S cities such as Houston, Los Angeles, St. Louis, Philadelphia, Cincinnati, Denver, and Atlanta.

Lyft’s free rides for cancer patients will include ride-share to AND from their treatments!


Lyft Partners With American Cancer Society

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Lyft is executing these free rides with the help from their new partnership with the American Cancer Society; known as the “Road to Recovery.” 

Patients seeking free rides can coordinate with the American Cancer Society by calling 800-227-2345 or visiting The ACS, which covers the cost of the rides, will then use the Lyft Concierge service to arrange a ride. (NOTE: These are volunteer Lyft drivers; therefore, they VOLUNTEER to drive these patients for FREE through the Road to Recovery website HERE). 

Patients merely need to schedule their trip 4-7 days in advance of their treatment. As Lyft clarifies, this free serviceis for cancer-related treatments only.


Patients Will Have Better Access To Treatment!

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The Road to Recovery is going to be very beneficial for patients; especially for those who live in areas where walking, biking, or other forms of transportation may not be an option. 

“The best treatment in the world can’t help someone if they can’t access it,” said Megan Wessel, a vice president at ACS. “Access to care is a big problem in our country, therefore transportation programs and partnerships like the one we are launching with Lyft in Miami-Dade County are vital for these patients.” 

Hopefully, with the Road to Recovery, these patients will have easy access to the treatments they truly need and deserve.