Jeez, is there anything Instagram CAN’T do? I mean.. come on. They’ve already partnered with Facebook, completely annihilated Vine off the face of the earth and are in the process of eliminating Snapchat as well. Now what? Oh yeah, they can also make online shopping even easier than it already is!

Less Scrolling, More Shopping

Do you ever scroll through your feed and catch yourself drooling over those fresh, new pairs of Nike’s or Lululemon leggings? I know I do (Over the Nike’s, of course ;))! Well, because we spend so much on Instagram and come across all of the newest fashion trends, Instagram is making it easier for us to stop scrolling and start shopping.

Instagram has recently announced they will soon be implementing shopping tags to pop up in Stories. Instagram started testing this feature back in 2016 with a limited set of 20 partners. Since then it’s been a hit, expanding broadly to regular brand posts in the feed. Starting today, hitting a little shopping bag sticker in a Story will lead you to more details on the cute and/or dope thing that caught your eye and how to score it.

Instagram is making power moves with this new tool. Anything that reduces friction and causes fewer steps, will win. And Instagram is doing just that!

Whether it’s the 25 million online stores looking to scale their business or the remaining 1 million monthly active users looking to buy a pair of Gucci frames, this new addition is going to be HUGE.. for some. 

Only For iOS Users In The US

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The only thing about Instagram’s shoppable tags that may be considered a “flaw,” is that it’s only available for iOS users that are within the U.S. 

These limitations, however, will likely be the first to go away as the reliability and stability of shoppable photos is put to the test over the next few months.

According to Influencer Marketing Hub, as popular as the iPhone is, iOS only accounts for less than 12% of the smartphone market share, while Android sits at 87%. Meanwhile, 80% of Instagram’s users are sharing and liking photos in countries that are not the United States. That’s a lot of users whose money won’t be spent on Instagram, and you can bet that the brands are going to want to see how this all scales.

If Instagram’s Shopping Tags can’t handle that kind of traffic without tweaks and updates, it’s better for Instagram to learn that with only 20 angry companies.