The new Instagram video update that just launched, called IGTv, is a huge one allowing its 1 Billion+ monthly active users to post videos of up to 60 minutes in length.

Whether it’s to stay connected with friends and family, scale a business, or keep up with the latest trends, it’s really become our “go-to” for information and guidance. 

A LOT Has Happened Since 2010

Since Instagram touched down in 2010, there are now over 1 Billion million monthly active Instagram users! That’s absolutely MIND-BLOWING! It’s also been 5 years since Instagram launched its first video feature. 

In 2013, Instagram launched its first video feature, which at the time, allowed users to upload videos [posts] up to 15 seconds long (more than 2x what Vine allowed). 

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Then, once Instagram noticed how well this new feature was doing, they launched a second one. In March 2016, Instagram started allowing users to upload videos up to 60 seconds long. Once that became antiquated, Instagram launched a third update!

In February 2017, Instagram implemented the “carousel” feature, which allows users to upload up to ten, one-minute videos all wrapped up into a single post! 

This new feature has been not only exciting, but also beneficial for a few reasons: users can tell a better story through one post instead of having them scattered through individual posts and blowing up their follower’s feed, business owners can promote a new product line, and because of all that, it raises engagement.  

Now you know what they say, “Change is always good,” right? Well, Instagram has taken this phrase and ran with it. What do I mean by that? Well, let us just say, Instagram’s got something cookin’!

Hello IGTv

With Instagram’s popularity continuing to grow at a rapid pace, it’s common that some might start to question what their next move’s going to be. Well, as a matter of fact, Instagram has just launched their newest video feature that allows users to now upload long-form videos up to 60 minutes. That’s right … 60-minute long-form video capability.

The decision to launch this new feature comes about two years after the launch of Instagram Stories, which is now one of the app’s most popular and fastest-growing features, with about 300 million daily users! 

Through what they are calling #IGTv, this new feature is available user-wide! It will follow the same vertical ratio just as in Stories. In an effort to allow content creators the ability to deploy their amazing long video creations without forcing fans and followers to leave the platform to watch their YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook, it’s a new evolution for Instagram.

Rev-Share & Out-of-App Uploading Coming Soon

Oh, just in case you were wondering … they will be launching their Rev-Share / Adsense program soonl! So don’t dismay! You’ll be able to make that paper by monetizing your audience views just like YouTube & Facebook videos.

Now, you might be saying, “How am I supposed to get my large-file videos on my phone than on my IGTv channel?”. Because so many have their phone storage pushing its limit, a new portal will be unveiled via your desktop/laptop soon as well.

This in and of itself is a HUGE change to the app-only interface to upload content.

Now having over 1 Billion Monthly Active Users, we are all in for quite the content ride! Because it’s about to get pretty interesting here on The Gram!

Set Up Your New IGTv Channel Following These Simple Steps

Where To Access Your IGTv Portal

1. Make sure your Instagram app is updated

2. Click the “IGTv” icon (Located in the top right corner of your IG home screen, right next to the “DM” icon. See photo above!

3. Click the “Settings” icon located on the right side in the center of your screen 

4. Go to “Create Channel”

5. Click “Next” on both “Create Your Channel” and “Share Longer Videos”

6. Click “Create Your Channel” on “Built for Vertical”

To see a live example how it’s done, visit our IG page @TechCrewMedia and click on our IGTv icon to watch the video below! (Pretty simple really!)

How To Upload Videos To Your New IGTv Channel

1.Click the “IGTv” icon (Located in the top right corner of your IG home screen, right next to the “DM” icon or from you profile page just below your Bio.

2. Select either your Profile Image or the “+” on the center, right of your screen

3. Select the video you want that is displayed in the Video Finder 

4. Click “Next” in the Upper Right Corner of your screen

5. Add your Title and a brief description 

6. Click “Post” and you’re all set!

To see a live example how it’s done, visit our IG page @TechCrewMedia and click on our IGTv icon to watch the video shown below!

TechCrewMedia IGTv Channel

How To Upload Your New IGTv Video