We live for two things, results and tacos. We get it, not everyone likes tacos (though we have yet to meet that one person),
but everybody loves results.



We deploy the most effective digital strategies to drive your business outcomes… 



Try to sell you on tactics & services that won’t benefit your unique business.


We LEARN about you.
All about YOU and what makes YOU better than the rest.

We DETERMINE what your audience wants and where their attention exists.


We POSITION your brand in ways that matter authentically.


The ad agency business model is a broken one for clients of today.  It relies on creative ideas to be their commodity, actively hunting for awards to validate their underperforming work. No matter how creative, if it didn’t improve a client’s bottom line, it sucked. Period.

The ONLY thing that should matter and be the true reward to clients – positive results to their bottom line. We have massive empathy for any business that has come to the position wanting outside help and entrusting non-employees to sit at the table and help navigate the growth of their brand.

To us, we take it to heart when a client wants to partner. That’s when we dive in, roll our sleeves up and take our partnership very personal with one unified purpose – execute what will drive results by being our client’s day traders of attention.


Day Trader of Attention, Entrepreneur, Strategist, Public Speaker, Photographer, Husband, Father and Taco’tarian.

Referred to as “MD” by most, his 25+ years as a brand strategist working for, starting or partnering with various brands from Fortune 100 to tech start-ups in the various sectors of retail, hospitality, financial services, legal, medical, apparel, media, automotive, insurance and social networks have given him an extremely successful diverse skill set.

Coming from a lineage of entrepreneurs and innovators, it’s his practical approach to marketing and navigating brands into the ever-evolving digital landscape that has fueled his success, perspectives and strategies.

“We are in the greatest era in business for businesses. Never before did we have this level of access to people’s attention and targeting abilities. But as consumers attention spans diminish, gaining it and keeping it is the all-in objective. It’s all up from here!”



 A spotlight on how we drive results through today’s digital landscape:

Digital Impact Audit

How can a brand move forward without a clear view of the space, attention within it and other players playing in it? Digital marketing isn’t plug ‘n play nor will it effectively improve your bottom line if it’s cookie-cutter. We don’t recommend any tactic without doing a full-scale impact audit to uncover the necessary intel in how to move, pivot and leverage a client’s brand against the digital landscape.

Search Engine Optimization
94% of all searches (6.5B per day) are on Google. Ranking #1 only yields an average 25% click-thru-rate. To organically show on page one requires a content strategy that requires experience. We do.
Reputation Management

8 out of 10 consumers consider an online review the same as a friends in making a decision in a brand they choose to do business with. We deploy campaigns to not only gain reviews, but more importantly manage them using gratitude strategies that most others fail to address.

Website Development
Websites are no longer digital window dressing. They are the digital anchor. As Google’s Mobile-First Index is in full force, website that aren’t updated to this platform Are suffering horrible search rankings and social media audience reach. We build our client’s sites to perform best. Period.
Strategy Development
The day’s of trying without a plan guarantees ZERO success. Every brand needs marketing, but how do you position your brand best to succeed? Work from a clear strategy that is both direct an unbiased.

Most DIY Direct To Consumer selling platforms are not optimized for site conversions. We will create a customized DTC selling portal supportive of in-the-now consumer habits up to date with the digital / social algorithms and merchant demands of today. Ensuring that backend logistics are structured correctly is critical to the scaling of your online business. Our eComm brainiacs will design a DTC platform that’s fully optimized and primed to collect usable sales data to better navigate growth and scalability.

Influencer Leveraging
71% of people are more likely to purchase based on social referrals / mentions by those they trust & admire. We connect our clients with the influencers who have the audience that makes sense. Period.
Social Media Strategy
Social Media is THE greatest tool ever developed allowing brands to connect with their audience in the most effective, targeted way. Each platform’s content absorption is different than the other as is their audience profile. Over 6 billion pieces of content are posted each day through the various social media platforms. Using our 3E content distribution strategy, your message grows relevancy by leveraging the attention of the users in authentic ways that matter to them.





As your strategic partner in all things digital marketing, our goal is to build a long-term partnership that continues to grow parallel to the results we bring. And results make us happy… happy as a Bulldog.

Curious about partnering with us?

Say hello below and let’s make it happen … over tacos.