If you have a business page for your business and have been running ads from the provided “Promote” button, you’re only scratching the surface to Facebook’s advertising power. The “sponsored” ads you see in your timeline from bigger brands use a powerful backend portal called Facebook Business Manager to manage their ads. The powerful targeting ability has never been available to businesses, especially small, prior to this tool launching.

How to next-level your Facebook & Instagram Ad Targeting

But, to harness and leverage its power to the benefit of your business, you need a Facebook Business Manager for a few reasons. One big reason, this tool lets team members or advertisers manage all of your ad accounts, Pages, apps and permissions in one place. This avoids having to be friends on Facebook and assigning countless people as admins to your business page. For a great overview of how Facebook Business Manager works, click -> Facebook launched Facebook Business Manager in April, 2014.

Let’s Get This Facebook Business Manager Party Started, Shall We?

Now we’re going to introduce how you can create a new or claim an existing ad account under Facebook business manager. This will strengthen the permission management on many Facebook assets for your team.

  1. Open your Facebook Business Manager! https://business.facebook.com. If you haven’t created yours yet, just follow the steps to create it.
  2. Go to your Business Manger Settings, and you will see the tab “Ad Accounts” under “People and Assets”.

If you haven’t had any ad accounts in business manager, you will see a dropdown menu “Add New Ad Accounts”, as shown in the example below.

3. If you want to create a new ad account, please select “Create a New Ad Account”.

4. Type your Ad account name and choose “Time zone” and “Currency”. Please note that the currency should be consistent with the currency of the payment method you want to add later to prevent from deactivated by Facebook. Facebook will use the time zone and currency settings when you run campaigns with this Ad account.

5. Add yourself as “Ad account admin” and your team members with appropriate roles to this Ad Account.

6.Add a payment method to activate the ad account. Click on “Payment Methods”. Note that the payment method must be set successfully for activating the campaign later.

7. Select a Payment Method with “Billing Country”, “Currency”, and Credit/ Debit Card information. Note: You have to be the Ad account admin, and the currencies of the payment method and Ad account should be consistent!

8. Go back to the tab “Ad Accounts”. You will see your new Ad Account!

That’s it! Looks easy right?

You can create up to 5 ad accounts in your Business Manager at most! More than that, you will need to get approval from Facebook Support. In addition, your original personal ad account can be moved to your Business Manager as well. Go back to step 2 and choose “Claim an Ad Account” this time. Just type your personal ad account ID, and approve the request. After these steps are done, you can manage and control all of your ad accounts in one place!

How to add an existing ad account to Facebook Business Manager?

If you already have an ad account, you can simply add it to your Facebook Business Manager for better management. In step 2, this time you can select “Claim an Ad Account” and type your existing ad account ID to finish the settings!

If you’re used to using your personal ad account to run campaign, you can find your personal ad account ID here. Just claim it and add your personal ad account to Facebook Business Manager!

Successful Ads Depend On A Great Organic Content Strategy & Website!

When Facebook allowed business to run targeted ads to its users, the power of attention access changed. It truly was the greatest gift to businesses both big and small. But to be successful, the skill lies with the one’s who understand that social media advertising NOW in 2019 depends on a few factors. One of the most important is your website linked to your business page. It must meet the algorithm demands set by Google and users (more about that here ). Followed by your consistent Facebook Reviews and management, and organic content engagement.

We hope this insight to Facebook’s powerful tool helps you generate more conversion opportunities for your business. As always, if you have any questions or would like a consult with one of our team, give us a shout! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @TechCrewMedia

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