Apple Pays Siri That How Much Money?!

Apple Pays Siri That How Much Money?!


Ah, the million dollar question, is Siri a real person? The answer is yes, Siri is, in fact, a real person!

For those who didn’t know before, the voice of Siri is Susan Bennett. Yes, she is the person we ask just about everything from. Literally, everything! We ask her for things like the weather, to make phone calls for us, and to give us information on relevant topics. No matter what it is, Siri is our right-hand man.

So there’s one question that a lot of people are curious about when it comes to the voice of all things iPhone. “How much does Apple pay Siri?”

It only makes sense that she’s being paid crazy amounts of money since her voice is used a million times a day, right? Well, that’s not the case in this situation. One thing most people might not be aware of is that Siri was NEVER (yes, NEVER) paid by Apple. WHAT?!

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Siri Was Never Warned!

In addition to Susan Bennett’s zero income from Apple, she was also NEVER even warned by Apple that her voice was going to be used! Again, WHAT?!

Selling her voice in this way meant Susan had no say in the usage and guaranteed she didn’t see a dime of the millions made by Apple thanks to Siri’s presence on iPhones, which seems like pretty sketchy on Apple’s part who could buy the moon!

According to, Bennett, “I had really ambivalent feelings. I was flattered to be chosen to basically be the voice of Apple in North America, but having been chosen without my knowledge was strange. Especially since my voice was on millions and millions of devices.”

It’s bizarre that Apple didn’t feel the need to even give Susan a cursory, “Hey, just FYI, we bought your voice, and soon millions of teenagers are going to be trying to trick you into saying dirty words.” 

Now I don’t know about you, but that sounds pretty sketchy to me! It also makes me wonder if there’s anything else going on behind the scenes that the media doesn’t leak to the public.  

Instagram Implements Shopping Tags!

Instagram Implements Shopping Tags!

Jeez, is there anything Instagram CAN’T do? I mean.. come on. They’ve already partnered with Facebook, completely annihilated Vine off the face of the earth and are in the process of eliminating Snapchat as well. Now what? Oh yeah, they can also make online shopping even easier than it already is!

Less Scrolling, More Shopping

Do you ever scroll through your feed and catch yourself drooling over those fresh, new pairs of Nike’s or Lululemon leggings? I know I do (Over the Nike’s, of course ;))! Well, because we spend so much on Instagram and come across all of the newest fashion trends, Instagram is making it easier for us to stop scrolling and start shopping.

Instagram has recently announced they will soon be implementing shopping tags to pop up in Stories. Instagram started testing this feature back in 2016 with a limited set of 20 partners. Since then it’s been a hit, expanding broadly to regular brand posts in the feed. Starting today, hitting a little shopping bag sticker in a Story will lead you to more details on the cute and/or dope thing that caught your eye and how to score it.

Instagram is making power moves with this new tool. Anything that reduces friction and causes fewer steps, will win. And Instagram is doing just that!

Whether it’s the 25 million online stores looking to scale their business or the remaining 1 million monthly active users looking to buy a pair of Gucci frames, this new addition is going to be HUGE.. for some. 

Only For iOS Users In The US

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The only thing about Instagram’s shoppable tags that may be considered a “flaw,” is that it’s only available for iOS users that are within the U.S. 

These limitations, however, will likely be the first to go away as the reliability and stability of shoppable photos is put to the test over the next few months.

According to Influencer Marketing Hub, as popular as the iPhone is, iOS only accounts for less than 12% of the smartphone market share, while Android sits at 87%. Meanwhile, 80% of Instagram’s users are sharing and liking photos in countries that are not the United States. That’s a lot of users whose money won’t be spent on Instagram, and you can bet that the brands are going to want to see how this all scales.

If Instagram’s Shopping Tags can’t handle that kind of traffic without tweaks and updates, it’s better for Instagram to learn that with only 20 angry companies.

Is UberEats Really Even Beneficial For Restaurants?

Is UberEats Really Even Beneficial For Restaurants?

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Let’s be real, it’s pretty awesome being able to order [online] your favorite food and have UberEats deliver it to your doorstep (or anywhere you desire, really), right? I mean, come on. You can be laid up in bed binge-watching your favorite show on Netflix and have UberEats bring you food without moving a muscle.

Now I don’t know about you, but that sounds pretty dope to me! However, notice I said, “me.” “Me” as in “I.” “I” am the CUSTOMER in this scenario, not the RESTAURANT. All I have to do is order/pay online. The restaurant has to make it as well as make sure its given to the appropriate delivery driver. So with that being said, if UberEats is so beneficial for customers, does that mean it’s just as beneficial for restaurants? You be the judge!

UberEats Demands Expensive Delivery Costs

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Did you know… UberEats charges a restaurant 30% delivery fee? For example, if a burger joint charges $12 for a burger, UberEats would take $3.60 as a “delivery fee.” Also, UberEats does not permit restaurants to increase their prices to “cover” Uber’s cost. Thus, Uber is telling restaurants that they must “eat the cost and lose money or we won’t deliver for you.” 

Fortunately, for restaurants, this steep delivery fee doesn’t apply to UberEats’ competitors. For example, brands like, DoorDash, Postmates and Caviar all take somewhere between 15 percent and 23 percent of the check. And these percentages are often in addition to a delivery fee.  

There’s a Positive to Every Negative

Despite UberEats’ high delivery fee, there are actually ways restaurants can benefit from using third-party delivery systems. Some of these benefits include, but are not limited to:

  1. No tension of getting food delivered
  2. Extended customer base
  3. An easy and fast way of delivering orders
  4. Empowerment of small restaurant owners to work at a wider platform
  5. Given space to exhibit their market presence for better customer reach and online branding.

So.. there IS a positive to every negative! However, whether restaurants allow the pros to outweigh the cons or vice versa, is entirely up to them. This will vary among different restaurants depending on their needs and budget.



Social Media Benefits

Social Media Benefits

If you have a business, you need a social media presence. At the very minimum, you should be on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. However, if you can handle more sites and they are relevant to your niche, then feel free to get on as many as you possibly can. However, we must stress that you need to ensure that you are keeping all your social media channels up to date. If you are not, you will not be enjoying a single one of these benefits:


Increased Brand Recognition

Every time you share a piece of content, it is going to be put in front of your followers. Your brand is going to be visible. Eventually, your brand will be recognizable. Your brand will start to become synonymous with whatever you are trying to sell.

Some customers check for the social media presence of a company on multiple networks before they commit to a purchase. If they do not see a company presence online, they are less likely to trust the company and may end up shopping elsewhere.

You can also use your social media networks to establish the voice of your brand.


Go Viral

This is probably one of the biggest benefits of having a social media presence. As a small business owner, you will know that ‘word of mouth advertising’ is the best form of advertising. When you are using social media, you will be kicking that into overdrive.

If you share quality content, people will share it with their friends and family. These friends and family may then share that content on further. Every time your content is shared, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of extra eyes on it. This could make you a serious amount of money. It will also get eyes on your business who may not have considered shopping with you before.


More Opportunities To Convert

If you only have a website, the only time people are going to have the opportunity to buy from you is if they head to your website. With social media, every time you share a post, you are increasing the number of opportunities to convert a customer. They may not have considered visiting your website in a long while, but if they see your link pop up, they may want to check it out. They may end up making a purchase!

Many studies have indicated that conversion rates through social media are higher than conversion rates on any other platform!


Opportunity To Connect With Your Customers

Finally, social media adds a bit of a ‘human element’ to your business. People love to purchase from companies that seem to have a face. If you look at some of the social media profiles of the largest companies in the world, they have all been ‘humanized’ as opposed to being just an opportunity to advertise. If you interact with your customers, answer their questions, respond to their concerns etc. then the chances of you making a sale will shoot up.