Facebook Is Developing a Singing “Talent Show” Feature

Facebook Is Developing a Singing “Talent Show” Feature

Facebook Develops New Talent Show Feature

Facebook’s plan to take on Musical.ly may involve more than just its own take on a lip syncing feature.

They’re also working on “Talent Show,” which would allow users to compete by singing songs then submitting their audition.

The feature isn’t live, but was rather an uncover in the Facebook’s code by Jane Wong.

Wong has a history of uncovering yet-to-launch features or those still in testing through the use of reverse engineering tactics.

She’s spots things like Instagram’s first time-well-spent feature, Lyft’s bike program, and Instagram’s new ways of displaying IGTV videos.

In the case of “Talent Show,” Wong discovers an interface that allows users to pick songs, and then start recording themselves singing the track.

The app’s code also makes references to the feature as “Talent Show” and includes mentions of elements like “audition” and “stage.” The auditions load as videos, Wong notes.

How Is Facebook Benefiting From The Talent Show Feature?!

The development would offer Facebook another way to take advantage of its more recently acquired music licensing rights.

The company, starting last year, began forging deals with all the record labels – including the majors like Universal, Sony, and Warner, and several others, as well as the indies.

The deals mean Facebook won’t have to take down users’ videos with copyrighted music playing in the background, for starters. But the company also said it planned to leverage its rights to develop new “music-based” products going forward.

One of those is Lip Sync Live, an almost direct copy of the popular tween-and-teen lip syncing app Musical.ly, which today has 200+ million registered users and 60 million actives.

Like Musical.ly, Lip Sync Live – which is still in testing – a way to broadcast your lip sync recordings to friends.

Talent Show (assuming the code analysis is on point) seems to take a different angle.

Instead of lip syncing for fun, people are actually singing and competing. It’s similar to the newly launched app FameGame.

However, Wong notes that the feature may be restricted to Facebook Pages, similar to Facebook’s new trivia game show feature.

So, it may offer those partners who’re using Facebook to build out games on their own pages.

Also, Talent Show sources the music via the new Rights Manager, used by record labels to track copyrighted tracks’ usage on Facebook.

Over the years, Facebook has taken aim at any other social app that gathers a following and then reproduces its own version of the app’s key draw – as it did with Stories, Snapchat’s biggest differentiator.

It’s no surprise, then, that it now has Musical.ly in its sights, with regard to lip syncing.

And with the Talent Show feature, it may challenge YouTube as the place where new talent can be discovered, too.

Facebook Has Officially Lost $123.4 Billion in Value

Facebook Has Officially Lost $123.4 Billion in Value

In what could be the biggest one-day drop of all time, Facebook shares opened at $174.89, down 19.6 percent compared to yesterday’s closing price of $217.50 according to NASDAQ:FB. 

Yesterday, Facebook was worth $629.6 billion. Today, it’s now worth $506.2 billion. In other words, Facebook lost $123.4 billion in value in ONE DAY. 

Now, today’s performance isn’t due to yet another data misuse or election interfering scandal.

The company has reported disappointing earnings. For the first time, Facebook’s growth is stalling.

There are barely more people checking Facebook every day compared to previous quarter.

Facebook is still growing, however, it’s clear that GDPR combined with a saturated market isn’t helping the company by any means. 

This is why Facebook is trying to change the narrative.

For example, for the first time ever, Facebook shared a new “family of apps audience” metric.

There are 2.5 billion people using at least one of the company’s app — Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp.

So it’s clear that Facebook thinks Instagram and its stories represent the future of the company.

But this is going to be bring some questions to life in then next few months as it’s unclear if Instagram can generate as much money as Facebook’s main app.


Measuring Facebook’s Losses

$123,400,000,000 is a big number. It’s hard to wrap the mind around how much this kind of money represents given the scale of these massive companies. As TechCrunch’s Jon Russell pointed out, bitcoin’s entire market capitalization is currently $141 billion. So it’s like nearly all bitcoins disappeared overnight.

Who would have thought Facebook could be more of substance than bitcoin? 

Even if you compare it to significant tech companies, this is a huge loss.

For instance, Netflix is worth $158 billion right now. Twitter’s market cap is only $33 billion.

It’s like Facebook did away with nearly 4 Twitters in market cap overnight. And I’m not even talking about Snap, which is only worth $17 billion.


Innovating Facebook’s Business Model

Most people have been focused on Facebook’s losses for now. But now it’s time to look at Facebook’s business model and understand what’s causing this these losses to happen.

Facebook is one of those once-in-a-lifetime, incredible success stories.

It did become a massive business in just a few years, but it also has a dangerous business model.

Thousands of employees are looking for ways to collect more data. Business teams can then sell expensive ads because they’re perfectly targeted.

And the best way to optimize efficient ads is by making addictive products that consumers feel like they need.

If you spend more time looking at stories, you’re going to be exposed to more ads. Period.

That’s why Facebook optimizes for engagement. It gets us (users) outraged, we become sad, and we like and we share the post. This is how Facebook makes money.

2018 is a turning point for Facebook.

People will look back at this moment as an inflection point in the company’s trajectory. But it’s still unclear if Facebook has the answer to its structural issues.

Increasing E-Commerce Sales Using Instagram Shopping Tags!

Increasing E-Commerce Sales Using Instagram Shopping Tags!

Image result for instagram shopping

As Instagram continues to evolve, online retailers are REALLY beginning to evolve with it. Ever since Instagram started allowing users to link shopping tags to their posts, some brands have been able to dramatically increase their traffic and sales.

One brand in particular, Natori, has increased its traffic by 1,416% by using Instagram shopping. I’m sorry, WHAT?!

Also, Native Union has increased its traffic by 2,666% by using Instagram shopping. Again.. WHAT?!

So what exactly is Instagram Shopping and how do you use them to increase your brands traffic and sales?

What Instagram Shopping Tags Do For Brands!

With over 800 million monthly active users, Instagram is one of the fastest growing social apps, connecting hustling entrepreneurs, brands, and consumers.

The expansion Shopping Tags on Instagram, online retailers can tag their products in their posts.

Shoppable posts automatically provide links to corresponding product pages on your website so that customers can quickly add to cart and check out, or browse the remainder of your catalog.

With 9 shopping posts or more, businesses also get a persistent Shop tab on their Instagram business profile that allows customers to tap to view all products on a post.

5 Ways Your Brand Can Increase Sales Using Instagram Shopping Tags!

Step 1: Make sure your Instagram is set up correctly. This means:

  • Switch to a Business Profile
  • Update Any Business Info
  • Add an Email, Phone Number and Address
  • Connect Your Facebook Page / SHOP
  • Tag Products
  • Share Your Post

Step 2: Engagement is EVERYTHING!


To use the feature, brands need only to push their inventory to Facebook (you can make this visible or not to your Facebook audience).

Once your account is approved and you can post Instagram Shopping content, you’ll see an option to tag your products.

Once this is all setup and ready, your focus should be on engagement!

One question you need to ask yourself [or staff], is if your content is actually increasing engagement?

If you’re not seeing an increase in comments and likes, then it’s going to be difficult converting consumers to your website landing page.

It’s important to view IG engagement as a real way to boost your ROI and clicks to your brand’s website.

The bottom line is your engagement is about making real connections with your customers; connections that make them feel important to you and your brand.

A study was done with 30% of millennials who engage with brands on social media at least once a month. At the end, 71% of the participants said they’re more likely to buy from a brand after a positive social media experience.

So, when you get comments on your business profile, it’s VERY important to respond as quickly as possible.

It’s even MORE important that when you do reply, the responses are real and authentic. No copy / paste.

Step 3: Deploy Better Content Than Your Competitors

Related image

You can increase your sales using Instagram Shopping by 10x by deploying content that none of your competitors are

The key is getting and staying ahead of the curve because you’re giving your followers something that your competitors aren’t. 

Step 4: Provide A Smooth, Enjoyable Customer Experience

emerica instagram shopping

Any highly successful sales funnel needs a solid end-to-end customer journey. It takes more than great content to get users to convert to your online store, so always put emphasis on your customer’s journey.

With Instagram Shopping, you’re allowing consumers to fluidly go from a random organic post in their feed, to learn more about the product, to then one simple click directly to the featured product in your online shop.

The skateboard company, Emerica, does an exceptional job of this by displaying their products and directing the customer to exactly what they are considering buying.

Step 5: Track Instagram Shopping Progress

Like any social marketing strategy, one final step should be tracking your progress and looking at how things can be improved.

The same goes for anyone using Instagram Shopping.

Luckily with SimilarWeb.com or Google Analytics, you can track your Instagram metrics.

It’ll also give you reports on how your posts are or ARE NOT helping drive your online sales.

Final Thoughts

As we become more connected to the brands we love, whether that be via a favorite influencer featuring a product or, from the brand itself, the winning benefit of this tool here is speed!

We can see an engaging post of a product we love, and within two clicks, buy it without ever leaving Instagram.

For any brand to find a winning tactic in a sea of competition and great content, reducing the steps a consumer has to make to go from interested to buying will come out on top.

And best of all, this tool is absolutely FREE! Now … go dominate!

Tinder’s New Feature, Tinder Loops, Expands To Global Markets – Tech Crew Media

Tinder’s New Feature, Tinder Loops, Expands To Global Markets – Tech Crew Media

Image result for tinder

When Tinder first launched in September of 2012, it started out as just a “swipe left or right.” Swiping left means you don’t think someone is appealing and swiping right means you do.

This changed the game, especially for those that may be shy or not confident enough to approach someone in public.

Over time, there have been other dating sites that have tried to compete with Tinder. Some of which are Bumble, the app that only allows the woman to make the first move, Zoosk and eHarmony.

The simplicity using Tinder, however, has been the reason that it’s been the more dominant dating site.

I mean, come on… it’s so easy to just swipe left or right whether you think someone’s “hot or not.”Image result for tinder loops

Tinder Is Amplifying Their Swipe Game!

You know that verse in Miley Cyrus’ song, “We Can’t Stop” that goes, “We can’t stop, and we won’t stop”? Well, that’s exactly what dating app giant, Tinder, is doing right now with their newest feature, Tinder Loops.

And now with Tinder, we’ve got a new experience that’s really going to amplify someone’s swipe game. Tinder’s new two-second Loops, where you can take any video and create a loop from it.

Tinder has already tested Loops in countries like Canada and Sweden, but now they have added a few new markets.

These markets include Japan, United Kingdom, United States, France, Korea, Canada, Australia, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Russia, Sweden, Belgium, Denmark, Iceland, Ireland, Kuwait, New Zealand, Norway, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand and United Arab Emirates.

Tinder also increased the number of images users can upload to nine, in order to make room for Loops without displacing original photos.

Given that Tinder has been testing Loops since April, they now have more data around how it’s been working for users.

For example, users who add a Loop to their profile saw that their average conversation length went up by 20%.

This new feature has also seemed to be very beneficial in Japan, which was launched there in June – certain users say they receive an average of 10% more right swipes if they have a Loop in their profile.

In the era of Instagram and Tinder, users have used pictures to represent themselves online.

But, with all the editing tools available, it also means those pictures aren’t always the most accurate display of personality or appearance.

So with Tinder Loops, these videos help give a new way for people to get to know the real, authentic person they’re chatting with.

Instagram Makes Power Moves With IGTv!

Instagram Makes Power Moves With IGTv!

The new Instagram video update that just launched, called IGTv, is a huge one allowing its 1 Billion+ monthly active users to post videos of up to 60 minutes in length.

Whether it’s to stay connected with friends and family, scale a business, or keep up with the latest trends, it’s really become our “go-to” for information and guidance. 

A LOT Has Happened Since 2010

Since Instagram touched down in 2010, there are now over 1 Billion million monthly active Instagram users! That’s absolutely MIND-BLOWING! It’s also been 5 years since Instagram launched its first video feature. 

In 2013, Instagram launched its first video feature, which at the time, allowed users to upload videos [posts] up to 15 seconds long (more than 2x what Vine allowed). 

Image result for vine is dead


Then, once Instagram noticed how well this new feature was doing, they launched a second one. In March 2016, Instagram started allowing users to upload videos up to 60 seconds long. Once that became antiquated, Instagram launched a third update!

In February 2017, Instagram implemented the “carousel” feature, which allows users to upload up to ten, one-minute videos all wrapped up into a single post! 

This new feature has been not only exciting, but also beneficial for a few reasons: users can tell a better story through one post instead of having them scattered through individual posts and blowing up their follower’s feed, business owners can promote a new product line, and because of all that, it raises engagement.  

Now you know what they say, “Change is always good,” right? Well, Instagram has taken this phrase and ran with it. What do I mean by that? Well, let us just say, Instagram’s got something cookin’!

Hello IGTv

With Instagram’s popularity continuing to grow at a rapid pace, it’s common that some might start to question what their next move’s going to be. Well, as a matter of fact, Instagram has just launched their newest video feature that allows users to now upload long-form videos up to 60 minutes. That’s right … 60-minute long-form video capability.

The decision to launch this new feature comes about two years after the launch of Instagram Stories, which is now one of the app’s most popular and fastest-growing features, with about 300 million daily users! 

Through what they are calling #IGTv, this new feature is available user-wide! It will follow the same vertical ratio just as in Stories. In an effort to allow content creators the ability to deploy their amazing long video creations without forcing fans and followers to leave the platform to watch their YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook, it’s a new evolution for Instagram.

Rev-Share & Out-of-App Uploading Coming Soon

Oh, just in case you were wondering … they will be launching their Rev-Share / Adsense program soonl! So don’t dismay! You’ll be able to make that paper by monetizing your audience views just like YouTube & Facebook videos.

Now, you might be saying, “How am I supposed to get my large-file videos on my phone than on my IGTv channel?”. Because so many have their phone storage pushing its limit, a new portal will be unveiled via your desktop/laptop soon as well.

This in and of itself is a HUGE change to the app-only interface to upload content.

Now having over 1 Billion Monthly Active Users, we are all in for quite the content ride! Because it’s about to get pretty interesting here on The Gram!

Set Up Your New IGTv Channel Following These Simple Steps

Where To Access Your IGTv Portal

1. Make sure your Instagram app is updated

2. Click the “IGTv” icon (Located in the top right corner of your IG home screen, right next to the “DM” icon. See photo above!

3. Click the “Settings” icon located on the right side in the center of your screen 

4. Go to “Create Channel”

5. Click “Next” on both “Create Your Channel” and “Share Longer Videos”

6. Click “Create Your Channel” on “Built for Vertical”

To see a live example how it’s done, visit our IG page @TechCrewMedia and click on our IGTv icon to watch the video below! (Pretty simple really!)

How To Upload Videos To Your New IGTv Channel

1.Click the “IGTv” icon (Located in the top right corner of your IG home screen, right next to the “DM” icon or from you profile page just below your Bio.

2. Select either your Profile Image or the “+” on the center, right of your screen

3. Select the video you want that is displayed in the Video Finder 

4. Click “Next” in the Upper Right Corner of your screen

5. Add your Title and a brief description 

6. Click “Post” and you’re all set!

To see a live example how it’s done, visit our IG page @TechCrewMedia and click on our IGTv icon to watch the video shown below!

TechCrewMedia IGTv Channel

How To Upload Your New IGTv Video













Instagram Implements Shopping Tags!

Instagram Implements Shopping Tags!

Jeez, is there anything Instagram CAN’T do? I mean.. come on. They’ve already partnered with Facebook, completely annihilated Vine off the face of the earth and are in the process of eliminating Snapchat as well. Now what? Oh yeah, they can also make online shopping even easier than it already is!

Less Scrolling, More Shopping

Do you ever scroll through your feed and catch yourself drooling over those fresh, new pairs of Nike’s or Lululemon leggings? I know I do (Over the Nike’s, of course ;))! Well, because we spend so much on Instagram and come across all of the newest fashion trends, Instagram is making it easier for us to stop scrolling and start shopping.

Instagram has recently announced they will soon be implementing shopping tags to pop up in Stories. Instagram started testing this feature back in 2016 with a limited set of 20 partners. Since then it’s been a hit, expanding broadly to regular brand posts in the feed. Starting today, hitting a little shopping bag sticker in a Story will lead you to more details on the cute and/or dope thing that caught your eye and how to score it.

Instagram is making power moves with this new tool. Anything that reduces friction and causes fewer steps, will win. And Instagram is doing just that!

Whether it’s the 25 million online stores looking to scale their business or the remaining 1 million monthly active users looking to buy a pair of Gucci frames, this new addition is going to be HUGE.. for some. 

Only For iOS Users In The US

Image result for instagram shoppable tags

The only thing about Instagram’s shoppable tags that may be considered a “flaw,” is that it’s only available for iOS users that are within the U.S. 

These limitations, however, will likely be the first to go away as the reliability and stability of shoppable photos is put to the test over the next few months.

According to Influencer Marketing Hub, as popular as the iPhone is, iOS only accounts for less than 12% of the smartphone market share, while Android sits at 87%. Meanwhile, 80% of Instagram’s users are sharing and liking photos in countries that are not the United States. That’s a lot of users whose money won’t be spent on Instagram, and you can bet that the brands are going to want to see how this all scales.

If Instagram’s Shopping Tags can’t handle that kind of traffic without tweaks and updates, it’s better for Instagram to learn that with only 20 angry companies.

Social Media Benefits

Social Media Benefits

If you have a business, you need a social media presence. At the very minimum, you should be on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. However, if you can handle more sites and they are relevant to your niche, then feel free to get on as many as you possibly can. However, we must stress that you need to ensure that you are keeping all your social media channels up to date. If you are not, you will not be enjoying a single one of these benefits:


Increased Brand Recognition

Every time you share a piece of content, it is going to be put in front of your followers. Your brand is going to be visible. Eventually, your brand will be recognizable. Your brand will start to become synonymous with whatever you are trying to sell.

Some customers check for the social media presence of a company on multiple networks before they commit to a purchase. If they do not see a company presence online, they are less likely to trust the company and may end up shopping elsewhere.

You can also use your social media networks to establish the voice of your brand.


Go Viral

This is probably one of the biggest benefits of having a social media presence. As a small business owner, you will know that ‘word of mouth advertising’ is the best form of advertising. When you are using social media, you will be kicking that into overdrive.

If you share quality content, people will share it with their friends and family. These friends and family may then share that content on further. Every time your content is shared, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of extra eyes on it. This could make you a serious amount of money. It will also get eyes on your business who may not have considered shopping with you before.


More Opportunities To Convert

If you only have a website, the only time people are going to have the opportunity to buy from you is if they head to your website. With social media, every time you share a post, you are increasing the number of opportunities to convert a customer. They may not have considered visiting your website in a long while, but if they see your link pop up, they may want to check it out. They may end up making a purchase!

Many studies have indicated that conversion rates through social media are higher than conversion rates on any other platform!


Opportunity To Connect With Your Customers

Finally, social media adds a bit of a ‘human element’ to your business. People love to purchase from companies that seem to have a face. If you look at some of the social media profiles of the largest companies in the world, they have all been ‘humanized’ as opposed to being just an opportunity to advertise. If you interact with your customers, answer their questions, respond to their concerns etc. then the chances of you making a sale will shoot up.

Social Influencers Need To Change … Or Else!

Social Influencers Need To Change … Or Else!

The business of being a paid social media influencer is drastically changing. If influencers don’t quickly adapt, it’s Game Over!

To no fault of their own, the modern day social influencer was turned into a celebrity literally overnight. Thanks to the ability of social media creating world-wide audiences in a direct and organic way. As a result, followers were growing by the millions and brands were seeing an opportunity just as were influencers utilizing their audiences to make money on their popularity.

This spawned the demand to increase one’s following to be deemed relevant and valuable. So began the quick rise of buying followers and, soon after, likes.
Unfortunately, it soon became clear of the fake followings and lack of content engagement. This left many not knowing how else to measure their influencing power while brands were scratching their heads wondering who is a legit influencer. (more…)