Ah, the million dollar question, is Siri a real person? The answer is yes, Siri is, in fact, a real person!

For those who didn’t know before, the voice of Siri is Susan Bennett. Yes, she is the person we ask just about everything from. Literally, everything! We ask her for things like the weather, to make phone calls for us, and to give us information on relevant topics. No matter what it is, Siri is our right-hand man.

So there’s one question that a lot of people are curious about when it comes to the voice of all things iPhone. “How much does Apple pay Siri?”

It only makes sense that she’s being paid crazy amounts of money since her voice is used a million times a day, right? Well, that’s not the case in this situation. One thing most people might not be aware of is that Siri was NEVER (yes, NEVER) paid by Apple. WHAT?!

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Siri Was Never Warned!

In addition to Susan Bennett’s zero income from Apple, she was also NEVER even warned by Apple that her voice was going to be used! Again, WHAT?!

Selling her voice in this way meant Susan had no say in the usage and guaranteed she didn’t see a dime of the millions made by Apple thanks to Siri’s presence on iPhones, which seems like pretty sketchy on Apple’s part who could buy the moon!

According to Cracked.com, Bennett, “I had really ambivalent feelings. I was flattered to be chosen to basically be the voice of Apple in North America, but having been chosen without my knowledge was strange. Especially since my voice was on millions and millions of devices.”

It’s bizarre that Apple didn’t feel the need to even give Susan a cursory, “Hey, just FYI, we bought your voice, and soon millions of teenagers are going to be trying to trick you into saying dirty words.” 

Now I don’t know about you, but that sounds pretty sketchy to me! It also makes me wonder if there’s anything else going on behind the scenes that the media doesn’t leak to the public.